Our Current Peppi's Fundraiser is happing now! 
Here are the Dates you need to know! We will be having more dates set as well when this one ends. 


Sub Forms and Money Due: Monday, Nov 5th! 

(Contact Young Life Leaders with Sub Totals)

Delivery Day: Tuesday, Nov 13th! 

(Download and Print Form Below)

He​lpful Hints

-You can have success going to apartments that are close together to sell more in shorter time
-Have a parent or grandparent take the form to work with them and offer to make it an "office lunch" day or "office party" by providing chips and water along with the sub!
-Take to local businesses and do the same!
-Be creative and in no time you will have your camp trip paid off! 
Here is how it works! 

1. Sell each 10 inch hoagie for $10
2. $6.00 of each sub sold goes towards your camp trip!
3. Cash or Check made out to Young Life 

​​Peppi’s Subs-2018.pdfPeppi’s Subs-2018.pdf

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